Wind Turbine Wars – Mary Morris

July 31, 2013


Mary Morris from South Australia joins us to discuss the Wind Turbine Wars that are taking place over the ‘Waterloo’ Wind Farm. Mary is a Farmers wife and a fourth generation farmer. Mary’s family has farmed this part of rural South Australia almost from time eternal.

Their roots are in the soil of the communities of Robertstown and Buchanan, and throughout the 23 km of farming land in between. Mary became aware of the community concerns and became involved in conducting a survey of residents up to 10 km radius. She is an active advocate for the community and those suffering adverse health effects including, sleep deprivation, headaches, blood pressure, nausea, ear pain, tinnitus and more.

Marys results and story can be found here.

The crusade of Mary Morris – STOP THESE THINGS

Rally – Mary Morris – STOP THESE THINGS

Now finally, the truth laid bare – STOP THESE THINGS

A letter to the Environment Protection Authority, South Australia – STOP THESE THINGS

01.08.13 Wind Turbine Wars – Mary Morris

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