Vaccine Victims don’t speak

May 16, 2013

Vaccine Victims Mother Speaks

Today we are the voice of the Vaccine Victims that cannot share their story. Tasha David, the mother of eight children, six of whom have been vaccinated, with all six being vaccine victims. Tasha shares her story of shock, disappointment, guilt and remorse in neglecting to research the side effects of vaccines before vaccinating her children. Tasha’s story is real life, scientific evidence of the harm that vaccines can and do cause.

Our story in a nutshell is basically we had 8 children, 6 of them vaccinated to varying stages and 2 completely unvaccinated.  Out of the 6; 2 were diagnosed with Autism and severe Global developmental delay, 1 with Autism and severe language disorder, 1 with a severe language disorder, 1 with ADHD and 1 with mood swings and food allergies.  They also suffered from Eczema, Asthma, Gastrointestinal disorders, Urinary Tract infections, Psoriasis, Ear infections, food allergies and chemical sensitivities.  All of them have also been to hospital for various ailments.  The two youngest unvaccinated children have none of their siblings disorders, have never had antibiotics and never been admitted to hospital. 

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