Wind Turbines Economics – Dr Alan Moran

June 13, 2013

Wind Turbines Costs – Dr Alan Moran

Dr Alan Moran joins us to discuss the Wind Turbine Industry and the costings associated with it. Dr Alan Moran is the Director of the IPA’s Deregulation Unit, is an economist who has made a specialty of regulatory matters, in particular covering energy, global warming, housing, transport, and competition issues.
Alan has worked in a range of positions with the Federal Departments of Trade and Industry and Commerce. He headed up the Commonwealth’s Business Regulation Review Unit within the Productivity Commission.  He became the Research Director of the Tasman Institute, he joined the Victorian Department of Agriculture, Energy and Minerals, in 1994 as Deputy-Secretary of Energy, he joined the IPA in 1996. He has written three books on these matters delivered dozens of addresses and had over a hundred press articles published.

13.06.13 Wind Turbine Costs – Dr Alan Moran

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