Welcome to another edition of Natural Health Radio. This week Hilary Butler from Beyond Conformity joins Leon to share some of her findings from the medical literature on the effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine.Hilary is the author of several Books including: Just one prick to another and Just a little prick.From one prick to another

Together we discuss the effectiveness and the difference in immunity between vaccinated and non-vaccinated data. Hilary also shares the reality of the concept of herd (population) immunity comparing natural immunity data to vaccinated data. Great evidence to support the effectiveness of natural immunity all in the medical literature.

The medical system and the vaccine manufacturers cannot, indeed will not, give an unqualified guarantee that a vaccine will provide absolute immunity, and that there will be no side effects to those to whom it is administered. Responsible informed choice should be sacrosanct and respected. To introduce any form of compulsion in the light of these facts, makes a mockery of basic freedoms and rights! It would be tantamount to legalizing and promoting an act that could lead to grievous bodily harm, even death.

Just a little prick
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