Eve Hillary the author of Beyond the Toxic Harvest joins us to share her story.

Eve Hillary is a health practitioner and journalist who writes and speaks on past, current and future trends in health care. She is the author of several books including her autobiographical work, Beyond the Toxic Harvest.

Today she speaks from her own experience after she and her unborn son came close to death after sustaining a near fatal accidental poisoning on their country property.

The devastating aftermath changed their lives and set Eve on a healing journey during which she gained deep insights into the health hazards of our current consumer culture.

Eve has been at the front of the environmental health movement for the past 20 years.

Beyond the Toxic Harvest

In 1983 I was 33 and seven months pregnant with my youngest son. At the time, I had more material things than I could ever need or want. I was married to a driven and exceptional man, whom I loved and admired. Affluence was something to be aspired to without question or shame. We were the privileged post war boomers who had all the benefits of peace and prosperity. To a rising post war manufacturing industry we were an ever expanding ocean of willing, cashed up and uneducated consumers. There was no Google yet to research products.  We believed the ads in books, magazines and TV.

Our mothers had read books by pediatrician Dr Spock, who told them “you know more than you think you do.” The TV was teaching them about giving their babies convenient Gerber baby foods in little glass jars instead of home cooking.
Before we started school in the 1950’s we had already watched hundreds of TV ads for synthetic products made in multinational chemical laboratories that were intended to make to make our mothers’ lives easier and our snack foods tastier.

As the decades rolled on, chemically laced junk food became ‘convenient’ and a chemical household product or medicine was almost compulsory for every purpose under the sun. No more home remedies or natural medicines. The ad campaigns could barely keep up, in the next few decades, with the thousands of new chemical products that came online, until today when humans are exposed to a cocktail of 100,000 synthetic chemicals on a daily basis.

Looking back now, I wonder why anyone didn’t ask a few questions like; who was regulating all those chemicals, what happened to them once they were in your body and how did all those chemicals interact with each other?

Even as a registered nurse, I didn’t think to ask those questions. I had been conditioned to match up a drug with any mental or physical symptom.

It was only a matter of time and I was a sitting duck with all that conditioning telling me that every chemical was harmless when used as directed.

In the prime of my life I was accidentally poisoned by a deadly agricultural chemical and so was my unborn son, even before his life began. We were both lucky to survive, but the aftermath completely changed the trajectory of our lives. Within a few years I was a single parent of two children, one was chemically injured with special needs.

For 13 years we sought help from a health system that had been educated by the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but it was in deep denial and offered no help to the chemically injured.

For years we tread the path of the outcast, ill and disabled, reeling from material losses. We were forced to find our own solutions by going back to a simple lifestyle and simple remedies. Once we examined our conditioning we were free to heal and to see what had caused our illness and the rising chronic illness of western society.

Chemical overload has a thousand guises and appears as many types of cancer, chronic fatigue, allergies, vaccine injury, dementia, autism and hundreds more life-sucking conditions that are trying to tell us that there is something wrong with the way we are living.

There are few sensations as terrifying as being in the grip of a deadly poison, but the grueling journey back to life became an awakening to be shared.

I hope you enjoy our full story in Beyond the Toxic Harvest.

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