Dr Viera Scheibner

May 30, 2013

Vaccine Research – Dr Viera Scheibner

Dr Viera Scheibner is a scientist with a PhD in Natural Sciences and joins us to talk about her research into vaccines and their effectiveness and side effects. Viera has worked as a Principal Research Scientist for 20 + years and in 1985 I met Leif Karlssson a Swedish electronics engineer living in Australia and together we developed breathing monitor for babies called Cot-watch.

Cot-watch involved extensive research into monitoring babies both before and after vaccination and was effective in indicating biological stress.  Leif developed a computerized Cot-watch and we started showing computer printouts of babies breathing instead of just records of alarms by the monitoring parents.  After establishing a link between vaccination and increasing stress levels in breathing, I started researching medical literature and to my surprise, everything one should know about vaccines being ineffective and dangerous has been extensively published in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals.  Tot his day, I have accumulated more than 150 000  pages of medical. More and more is being published about the dangers and ineffectiveness of this useless and unscientific medical procedure.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners invited Viera for two years  to participate in the post-graduate education of GP’s, to present the case against vaccination. For several years she  traveled all over the world lecturing about vaccination, for professionals and parents. She also extensively published on these issues.



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