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Ep 758 It is better to obey God – fellowship

Welcome to our Friday night fellowship, this week we look at several examples of obedience to Yahweh in the midst of statutes made by men to silence the sharing of the Gospel. The example of... Read More
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Ep 757 Angry White Men

Again “White Men” are the target of the enemies of freedom. This week we look at the ongoing targeted assault on the culture and accomplishments of the White European people, (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Fairdinkum Members Connect

Hey folks, Members are looking to connect with others for possible fellowship and social interaction in their area. Comment below and share your area and contact details, with fellow members. (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Ep 756 Australia’s future – Malcolm Roberts

One Nation Senator Elect Malcolm Roberts joins us on Fairdinkum Radio this week to talk about his hopes for Australia. Together we speak about his three aims for Australia; Accountability of Government to the people,... Read More
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Ep 755 The 2016 Census and Religion

Welcome along friends as  we take a quick look at this years census down under in Australia. The census is conducted every  five years to gather data about Australians. Regardless of what you may think... Read More
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Ep 754 Members call in show

Welcome along friends as some of our members join us on our call in show this week. Topics include: how to connect with other like minded people in fellowship, tools of destabilization, immigration and its... Read More
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Ep 753 Technocracy trends with Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood joins us to continue to monitor Technocracy Trends world wide. Today we discuss the:  Global Elite Panic As The World Rises Up Against Them, The Pope and Holy War, a Total Surveillance Society, ... Read More
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Ep 752 The Synagogue of Satan

Who are the “The Synagogue of Satan” as outlined in the book of Revelation? Today we ‘Question the narrative’ of the ‘Chosen people’ firstly from the Bible and then from (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Ep 751 Noah and Violence

As it was in the days of Noah, the world was corrupt before God and filled with violence! What are we witnessing every day? Every day humanity is being conditioned (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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