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March 13, 2015

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July 2015

Ep 640 Full Spectrum Dominance

Ep 639 Natural Health – Preservatives

Ep 638 Green Gospel – The New World Religion

Ep 637 Freedom to Associate

Ep 636 Signs of Vatican Chess

Ep 635 Technocracy targets Europe

Ep 634 Commentary

Ep 634 The sign of Noah and Lot

Ep 633 Solution Home Schooling

Ep 632 No Jab No Pay Protest Rally

Ep 631 GMO – Roundup – Cancer

Ep 630 Greek sovereignty – Natural Law

June 2015

Ep 629 Beyond Conformity – Hilary Butler

Ep 628 Economic Collapse – Michael Snyder

Ep 627 The Choicest Vine

Ep 626 Geopolitics – Leuren Moret


Ep 624 A Cashless Society – Economic Totalitarianism

Ep 623 Oxygen and Health – Tony Boutros

Ep 622 The Marriage Equality Con

Ep 621 False claims Hidden opportunities – Malcolm Roberts

Ep 620 The danger of food additives

May 2015

Ep 619 Problem Reaction Solution

Ep 618 Dissolving Vaccine Illusions -Dr Suzanne Humphries 

Ep 617 Natural Immunity vs Corporate Science 

Ep 616 Questioning the Narratives of War 

Ep 615 Garland Bali Marriage

Ep 614 Geopolitics Race Culture – Xander Dal Riata

Ep 613 The Judeo Christian Narrative 

Ep 612 Developing Technocracy – Patrick Wood

April 2015

Ep 611 Sugar the Sweet Poison – Anika Pittard

Ep 610 Nuclear Zionist Jesuits interplay – Leuren Moret

Ep 609 Covert WHO Vaccine Sterilization – Christina England

Ep 608 The Socialist Jab 

Ep 607 Devils Merchants Media

Ep 606 Radioactive fallout – Leuren Moret

Ep 605 Data – War – Russia

Ep 604 Health and cancer pt2 – Tony Boutross

Ep 603 The days of Noah

Ep 602 Technocracy Rising – Patrick Wood

Ep 601 Economy Geopolitics – Robbie Barwick

Ep 600 Gospel Basics

Ep 599 A Surveillance Society

Ep 598 Health and cancer – Tony Boutros

Ep 597 GMO Food Solutions – Barb Peterson

Ep 596 The Good Shepherd

Ep 595 Funvax at Maca’s

Ep 594 Wind Turbine Wars – Steven Cooper

Ep 593 Global Turbine Minds

Ep 592 The war against Putin – Leuren Moret

Ep 591 Growing superfood – Tony Boutros

Ep 590 Men invent – Feminist weep 

Ep 589 Eye of the storm – Stephanie Messenger

Ep 588 Nimrod’s # Mafia

Ep 587 Beyond the Toxic Harvest – Eve Hillary

Ep 586 Dr Tenpenny NOT Charlie – Jon Rappaport

Ep 585 Understanding Babylon – Nimrod – Video

Ep 584 The Jesuits in Geopolitics – Video – Leuren Moret

Ep 583 Occupation Technocracy Rising

Ep 582 The rapture will be cancelled – Niklas Arthur

Ep 581 Technocracy Rising- Patrick Wood

Ep 580 Chaos – Jihad – Solution

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