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Ep 724 Commentary

This week in commentary: Earthquakes, Temple of Baal, Punish deniers, Voting does not change the Agenda of the New World Order,  Robots replacing humans, Funding Racism  programming, Governments grooming our children, LGBTIQU agenda to indoctrinate... Read More
  • Medical Cartel
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Ep 723 Resisting No Jab No Pay

Leon is joined by Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network as we discuss the 'No Jab No Pay' legislation in Australia. Together we discuss the Federal legislation which incorporates financial penalty against those... Read More
  • Gospel

Ep 722 Power from above

Welcome along friends as we seek to "Understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God." This week we look at the statement from Yahshua Messiah whilst arrayed before Pilate where he said: Thou couldest have... Read More
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Ep 721 Wind Turbine Invasion – Penny Hundy

Today an Australian Story of the Hundy family, Fine Wool producers from the Mudgee district. Penny Hundy of 'Windradeen' joins Leon to tell their story of how the Wind Turbine Industry is planning to encroach... Read More
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Ep 720 QTN – On supporting Israel

This week we 'Question the Narrative' on an important question: Do you support Israel? What does this mean? Why is the question asked? We look at the political implications and why this question is used... Read More
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Ep 719 Commentary

Welcome along friends as we analyze some of the latest issues worldwide: Easter bombing in Pakistan, Racism at the university: white Australians aren’t “indigenous”,Dairy farmers lead renewed push to legalize raw milk, Kidman land sale:... Read More
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Ep 718 Technocracy News

Welcome along friends as Patrick Wood joins Leon to discuss the latest developments in Technocracy around the world. This week we discuss the New World Satanic Religion in Technocracy, Australia's plan for new taxes for... Read More
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Ep 717 Trust in the New Revolution?

Welcome along friends as we cover some of the pressing issues facing us world wide, including the Brussels bombings, Trusting the Government, the New Communism, Colour Revolutions, The Rise of Trump and 'Questioning the Narrative'... Read More
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Ep 716 Target Children – Aged – Family

The New World Order Communist Agenda continues to Target the Children, the Aged and the Nuclear Family in its roll out of the Safe Schools Toolkit and the new 'Children's Sexual Development' program designed for... Read More
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