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ep 629 Beyond Conformity – Hilary Butler

  • Questioning the Narrative

ep 628 Economic Collapse – Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder of  The Economic Collapse joins us to discuss worldwide economic indicators pointing to a world wide economic collapse. Together we discuss the reality of events today in the European Union, the United States... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

ep 627 The Choicest Vine

The Spiritual Solution! Join me as we examine a prophetic parable concerning the Messiah, Israel and us. We ask the following: Who is the vinyard? What is the hedge? Who is the Choicest Vine? Who... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

Ep 626 Geopolitics – Leuren Moret

Leuren Moret of Global Nuclear Cover Up joins us to span the globe in a geopolitical update where we discuss the latest in the Ukraine and the proxy war being carried out by Washington. We... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative


Elizabeth Hobley joins Leon to discuss the: Peaceful Protest - Pro choice, Pro unity, Pro info! NO JAB, NO PAY? NO WAY!! to be held Sunday 21st June in Melbourne. Together we discuss the principle... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

Welcome to a fresh Fairdinkum

Welcome friends to our new site, after many weeks of preparation and work we have now transferred over to our new theme and operating system, join us for a quick site survey. We hope you... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

Ep 623 Oxygen and Health – Tony Boutros

Tony Boutros of Lifestream Health joins us to discuss the importance of oxygen to our health. We discuss the levels of oxygen on the earth thousands of years ago and how this effected water, soil,... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative
  • Explicit

Ep 622 The Marriage Equality Con

Today we question the narrative of 'Marriage Equality' in the Kingdom of Babylon, otherwise known as the New World Order. This narrative of 'Marriage Equality' is the focus of mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, state... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

Ep 621 False claims Hidden opportunities – Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts joins us to discuss the latest in the Climate Change Agenda worldwide. Together we discuss his report titled: False claims reveal hidden opportunities. This report is in response to Senator Birmingham’s apparent reliance... Read More
  • Questioning the Narrative

Ep 620 The danger of food additives

Anika Pittard joins us to share her research into the negative effects of food additives on human health. Together we discuss four categories of additives that are commonly found in processed foods; Antioxidant Additives, Vegetables... Read More
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