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Ep 706 New Trans World Order

Welcome along friends as we continue to analyze the invasion of the West by Cultural Marxism in all its forms. We begin by looking at the timeline of prophecy as revealed to King Nebuchadnezzar in... Read More
  • Green agenda
  • Wind turbines

Ep 705 Wind Turbine Wars – John McGrath

John McGrath joins Leon to discuss the ongoing Wind Turbine Wars being conducted on the residents in the Yass District. John shares his story of how the invasive Wind Corporations have infiltrated and permeated the... Read More
  • Economy
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Ep 704 The Corporate Rape of the Pacific – TPP

Welcome along friends as we return to the subject of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Simon Kaiwai joins us to discuss the closing week prior to the signing of the Monolithic Corporate Rape of the Pacific... Read More
  • Gospel

Ep 703 Our Greatest Enemy

Welcome along friends for another edition of Fairdinkum Gospel. This week we investigate 'Our Greatest Enemy.' While it is easy to identify many outside enemies the greatest is a lot closer than we think.  And... Read More
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Ep 702 Worldwide Persecution of Christian’s

In the first hour Iben Thranholm joins Leon to discuss the Worldwide Persecution of Christians, in the Middle East, Europe and the West. If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before... Read More
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Seedy Crackers

These yummy little crackers were created early on in my journey to health. After cutting out all flours I really craved crackers and bread so I set out to invent a super-food cracker substitute that... Read More
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Basil Pesto

Pesto!! Yum! Who doesn't love Pesto? But... many bought varieties and even the homemade recipes we all have are usually loaded with oil and dairy. It kind of defeats the purpose of having fresh pesto,... Read More
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Ep 701 The Multicultural Rape of the West

Welcome back friends. This week we look at the Multicultural Rape of  Western cultures and nations, and the setting leading up to the massive assaults, rapes, crimes, thefts against the host people in Europe and... Read More
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Date and Cinnamon Scrolls

This recipe is 100% sugar free, gluten free and totally YUM!! If you have a sweet tooth just add more dates or even maple syrup but otherwise this dessert is sure to have you reaching... Read More
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