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Islamic Jihad has come to Sydney. It is with a heavy heart that we contemplate the siege, its perpetrator, his inspiration and the Religious Ideas that inspired him to kill our people on our soil. We consider the Christian roots of Australian Culture and why there is conflict between the "She'll be right mate" attitude of Aussie culture and the attitude of "..strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers..."

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Islamic Jihad Sydney

In the aftermath of the Sydney siege conducted by an Islamic Jihadist there is a need for Australian's to 'Question the narrative.' That is being peddled through all media. The tragic event resulted in the death of three people including the perpetrator Man Haron Monis, and the injury of a number of others.The narrative was developed with isolating terms such as; Lone Wolf, Extremist, Mentally Deranged, Not Coordinated, Happen Stance Event, Single Event, and of course not connected with ISIS or Islam.

The take away message? It, he, is not linked to Islam or ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Originally it was stated from the PM down that there was no apparent political motivation, no religious motivation, no cultural motivation etc. This is of course the Religious and Cultural relativism of the Politically Correct Australia that enforces this lie upon society.

There is a complete lack of honesty in Australia and Worldwide regarding all of the Cultural Marxists Agenda victim groups of Multiculturalism, Feminism, Homosexuality, and Cultural Relativism and Religious Relativism. Which teach that there is no biological, genetic, colour, sex, cultural or religious differences between the host nation and the foreigners.

Before there was any casualties the Communist collectivist's had begun a Twitter campaign #illridewithyou depicting Muslim's in Australia, particularly women the victims of the currently unfolding hostage crisis. Prominent world identities all jumped on board denouncing racism and the backlash against Muslims.

Hang on a minute, there was no backlash against Muslims, except for the suspect claims of the Communist broadcaster – the ABC who immediately went into overdrive claiming that women wearing head coverings were the target.

Hang on a minute who are the victims here.

We have a Muslim man holding 17 people hostage with a gun, forcing them to hold an Islamic flag announcing; Allah is the only true god and Mohammed is his messenger. At the same time via one of the hostages: Marcia Mikhael, 42 – a former policewoman, posted on Facebook from inside the cafe, as the event was unfolding:

“Please help, the man who is keeping us hostage has asked for small and simple requests and none have been met. He is now threatening to start killing us. We need help right now. The man wants the world to know that Australia is under attack by the Islamic State.”

What was that? Did anyone hear that:

“The man wants the world to know that Australia is under attack by the Islamic State.”

The Australian Western Christian cultural foundation is based upon individual responsibility, liberty, freedom to choose, freedom of religion, free association etc. It does not use coercion or force, this is what is great about Australia. The  “she'll be right mate,” attitude that is unique to our country, is what makes it possible for people of differing cultures and religious faiths to live here without persecution.

That is why they are here!

On the other hand. Multiculturalism and the doctrine of Religious and Cultural Relativism enforces that all Religions and Cultures are essentially the same, and have invited those other cultures via legislation against the will of the people to become a force within the host country.

Former PM Malcolm Fraser once stated: “That the Australian people could not be trusted to vote on foreign policy..” That is code for; Australian would not vote for the Multicultural doctrine if they were given the choice. Therefore it must be kept in the hands of the Politicians, who can ensure its success. Yea right.

An authentic look at the history of Islam reveals a Religion of Conquest. Islam conquered and invaded large parts of Asia, Europe and northern Africa from the 7th century onwards. The doctrine of Islam is to conquer and occupy the world and implement Shari-ah law in every nation. This is where the conflict is.

Christianity allows for religious freedom and unbelief.

Joshua 24:15  “…. choose you this day whom ye will serve; ….but as for me and my house, we will serve the YHWH.”
Romans 14:5  “... Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”

Islam does not. Islam teaches Jihad by violence or any other means necessay including deceit to achieve Shari-ah.

Quran (2:191)  "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing...”
Quran (9:123) - "O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness."

The Sydney siege is one of many more conflicts to come, perpetrated by Islamic Jihad being conducted worldwide. Some November figures from The Religion of Peace: Attacks 284 countries, 41 dead, 2515 critically injured.

While Government, Academia, Media and the institutions of power are intellectually dishonest, we the thinking people need to realize that a conquering ideology cannot integrate into a free choice freedom loving Nation.

Those Muslims that do integrate are not the real Islam, they have developed a compromised version of Islam to fit into Western Culture. While the 'Lone Wolf' true believer will always be in the shadows waiting: cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers...”

Real Australians know that the Muslim - Man Haron Monis, who murdered two of our people and injured eight others, demonstrates the real racism in Australia today.

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