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Ep 610 Nuclear Zionist Jesuits interplay.mp3

Leuren Moret joins us to discuss radioactive fallout worldwide. Leuren Moret is an internationally recognized Geoscientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation.  In 1968, I was one of the first women to graduate from UC Davis with a B.S. in Geology.

Today we discuss: The ongoing radioactive fallout along the West Coast of the USA and worldwide, closure of commercial fishing, death of sea life, Who is behind the Saudi Bombing Campaign Massacres Dozens of Yemeni School Children, and the interplay between the Jesuit Order and World Zionism.

23.04.15 Leuren Moret
Just In: Emergency closure of fishery along entire West Coast — Almost no babies surviving since 2011 — “Catastrophic crash… Population decimated… Crisis… Collapse so severe” — “Latest in series of alarming die-offs… mass reproductive failures… strange diseases” — Official: “A lot of weird things out there”
Saudi Bombing Campaign Massacres Dozens of Yemeni School Children
CBS: Worst may not be over from Fukushima — “Effects of radiation have become much more severe” — “Enormous decline” seen in animal species — “Striking drop-off… really dramatic impacts” due to nuclear disaster (VIDEO)