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Ep 730 Commentary – Strangers on Earth

Notice the World, your Nation or your Community changing? Welcome to the Culture Wars? Target the Thinkers, the Nationalist, the Christians, the Anti Vaxxers, the Libertarians, the Individuals, those who (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Ep 729 VAXXED update and analysis

Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network joins Leon to follow up on the fallout from the documentary Vaxxed From Cover Up to Catastrophe. Together we discuss the ongoing collusion between the Big Pharma... Read More
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Ep 728 Sweden’s canary is singing

Ingrid Carlqvist and Conrad  join us from Sweden to discuss the effects of Multiculturalism and the forced attempted integration of non compatible Islamic cultures into European and Nordic nations. (more…) This content is restricted to... Read More
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A tribute to my mate Skeeta 1990-2016

A tribute to my mate Skeeta who has bought us much joy and love for the past 15 years. This is a small family tribute to a wonderful gift from God, whose life came to... Read More
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Ep 727 The New Trans World Religion – Video

What is The New Trans World Religion? How is the worship of Baphomet the Androgenic god incorporated into the worship of the beast in the Kingdom of Babylon today? More… (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Ep 726 Technocracy News Video – Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood from Technocracy News joins us to discuss: Orwell’s 1984 Exposed As An Instruction Manual,  A ‘Borderless World, Synthetic DNA , New carbon tax for Australia, Billionaire Tom (more…) This content is restricted to... Read More
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Ep 725 Commentary and Analysis

Welcome to this weeks commentary we look at some of the most relevant recent issues around the world including: Aussie elections, The Left Controls Globalization, The Most Dangerous Book in (more…) This content is restricted... Read More
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Become a Fairdinkum Member

A short audio and video on why we have developed a Private Members area on Fairdinkum Radio and a few short tips on the process on how to become a Fairdinkum Member. Support grass roots... Read More
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Ep 724 Commentary

This week in commentary: Earthquakes, Temple of Baal, Punish deniers, Voting does not change the Agenda of the New World Order,  Robots replacing humans, Funding Racism, Governments grooming children…. (more…) This content is restricted to... Read More
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