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20.12.14 Leuren Moret joins us to discuss the history and influence of the Jesuits - The Society of Jesus or the Vatican Assassins within geopolitics, economy and religion worldwide.

Leuren is a an internationally recognized Geo scientist and has researched in the biological effects of ionizing radiation, secret mind control experiments at the "monkey colony", mind control applications for HAARP, animal experiments adapted for human applications and global HAARP transmissions, and human experiments conducted in a "safe house" under the MK ULTRA program.

After living in Iran and traveling around Europe and the Middle East, she returned to UC Berkeley and graduated in 1978 with an M.A. in Near Eastern Studies and the equivalent of a Masters degree in Wildlife Studies. She has visited 50 countries educating the public, media, Parliaments and Congress, and making 20 speaking tours in Japan from 2000-2010.

She states: "I can think of no greater reward for my many years of effort and hard work in the sciences, than to be the messenger warning the Global Community about the horrific dangers of HAARP and nuclear technologies.

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18.12.14 Leuren Moret
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