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Ep 623 The mystery of marriage with Messiah

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Ep 662 Commentary @ 4 years

This week in commentary we reflect on our past four years of Fairdinkum Radio. The only Fairdinkum Radio show in Australia exposing the New World Order and providing the lasting solution in sharing the light of the Gospel of Salvation. We continue to set the standard in alternative media broadcasting... Read More
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Ep 661 Steps to vaccine tyranny

Leon is joined by Hilary Butler from Beyond Conformity to discuss the steps to vaccine tyranny. Hilary has been an active researcher for many years on the methods that are used to psychologically manipulate the minds of parents to accept the 'Global Vaccine Plan.' Like threats and intimidation. “Parents who... Read More
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Ep 660 Commentary

Welcome friends, this week we provide commentary and analysis of events changing our communities, nations and world. First we discuss the successful conspiracy of Malcolm Turnbull to overthrow Tony Abbott. What did Abbott do wrong to upset the Kings and Merchants? We suggest a few; carbon tax, securing the borders,... Read More
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Ep 659 Gender Bending Chemicals

Leon is joined by Leslie Carol Botha to discuss Gender-Bending Chemicals & Gender Confusion. Called one of the twenty first century’s most prominent natural cycle thinkers, Leslie Carol Botha,  is an author, publisher,  broadcast journalist and an internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone health. Her work emphasizes the significance of the... Read More
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Ep 658 Worship the Image

Today we look at an event that took place in Babylon that is a prophecy of things to come. This event will take place again on a world wide scale, what was local and physical and spiritual then, will be world wide, physical and spiritual ahead. Study outline here. Dan... Read More
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Ep 657 In defense of German people

This week Leon is joined by Dagmar Brenne a German lady as she shares her story of how she came to 'Question the Narrative' of the last century of war. A simple question helps here? How many Australians were killed in WW2? How many Americans? How many Canadians etc? How... Read More
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Ep 656 Full Spectrum Dominance

Xander Dal Riata from Full-Spectrum-Dominance joins Leon for a look at major events sweeping the nations of the world. Together we discuss: Kim Davis jailed as the post-‘gay marriage’ revolution ratchets up,Judge Who Jailed Kim Davis Ordered Students Who Opposed Homosexuality to Be Re-Educated, Protests at hospital in Boston continue... Read More
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Ep 655 Invasion of Europe

This week we question the narrative of the mass media over the invasion of Europe. We look at the 'Greater Israel Project' and connect this with history and the results of the West invading Arab nations and creating destabilization, conflict and war. “Let’s not forget what the origin of the... Read More
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Ep 654 The importance of knowing truth

  Why is it important to know truth? Where did this idea come from? In this study we explore the desire and reason for following truth and its purpose in the plan of salvation. This study is a continuation of foundational Christian studies to enable the student to comprehend the... Read More
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Ep 653 New vaccines – Christina England

Leon is joined by Christina England an independent researcher and journalist, Christina writes for Vactruth, Health Impact News, and the Liberty Beacon. Together we discuss the ongoing sterilization program by the UN and the WHO as exposed by Dr Ngare a obstetrician, gynecologist and member of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors... Read More
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