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14.09.25 Fairdinkum Radio Show.mp3

Ep 543  Terror - Technocracy - Culture Wars - Burka's

Follow peace with all men, he that lives by the sword will die by the sword, Australia is changed forever, John Howard embarrassed no WMD, Gov admits Isis funded by allies, Terror raids, Obama - Islamic state is now Islamic? Muslim leaders lash out, your freedoms are being removed, Anti Muslim Protests Sunshine Coast, Democracy vs Sharia law? Death threats to Christian school and children.

14.09.25 Commentary.mp3

Ep 542 Questioning the Narrative with Jon Rappaport

Ebola - Vaccines - Autism - Fraud

Jon Rappaport of No More Fake News joins us as we question the narrative on the current Ebola Pandemic. Together we examine the Medical Cartel narrative being downloaded into the public mind. We look at several different aspects of mind control being used to condition the individual to accept the collective decisions of the experts.

We look at worldwide occupation of the military in many countries and how crisis, pandemics and terror are being used to occupy the nations. We look at the goals of the Merchants to immobilize the people to steal their natural resources, the ultimate aim being the Individuality of the Mind.

14.09.24 Jon Rappaport.mp3

Ep 541 Climate Fraud Update

This week following the latest Un Climate junket, we take a look at the fulfillment of Agenda 21 plans to tax motorists per km and location, compact units for denser A21 urban living in Sydney, more than 1000 scientists dissent over GW, Protect the poor - ten reason to oppose Climate fraud, Global warming activist leave their mark.

14.09.25 Climate Fraud Update.mp3

Ep 540 Myth # 2 Is Allah is same God as YHWH?

Is Allah of the Koran the same God as YHWH of the Bible? This is a central claim of Islam, that the God of Abraham, the God of the Jews, the God of the early Christians is Allah of the Koran. In this broadcast we examine the identity of YaHuWaH of the bible and compare the identity of Allah of the Koran.

14.09.20 Allah is the same God.mp3

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